Care instructions

I rinse every batch of wool very carefully after dyeing to minimise any bleeding, but it is possible that with the first rinse the fibre may bleed a little bit more. This is completely normal! It is all down to how saturated the wool was with the dye. The type of detergent you use to wash your handspun yarn may have an effect.

Dye lots and colours

Dye is applied randomly, so no two braids will be the same even if from the same dye batch. It is recommended that you purchase all the fibre you need for your project at one time to eliminate any colour matching issues in the future.
Please note that all monitors vary – although my photographs are as close to real life on my monitor, there may be slight tonal changes in the product from what you see in the listing.

One Batch Wonders

Our One Batch Wonders come from happy accidents and dyepot experimentation. These colours are not repeatable, and each one is slightly different.

Wholesale orders

Please contact me if you would like to place a wholesale order.

Custom orders

Please contact me if you would like to place a custom order - availability of custom orders is variable and the best way to find out is to get in touch with me directly. Custom orders are typically charged at the usual braid price +10%