SWEET TOOTH & ONE BATCH WONDER #13 | ultimate sweater blend duo set

SWEET TOOTH & ONE BATCH WONDER #13 | ultimate sweater blend duo set

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Cool pinks and reds are splashed with yellow and turquoise in this super sweet colourway, while One Batch Wonder is a OOAK with yellow, turquoise and magenta with a navy overlay - a true oil slick colour!

Duo sets are a pack of two 50g braids of complementary colourways - think of it as a mini combo pack! Perfect to spin as one ply each of a two-ply yarn, as a gradient, as stripes or for colourwork.

Fibre composition:
50% Polwarth
37.5% Corriedale
12.5% Bamboo

The Ultimate Sweater Blend is super soft and fluffy, created especially for sweater spinning. Polwarth has a long staple length to reduce sweater piling. Corriedale is a great workhorse wool that's strong and well crimped, for an easier spin compared to wools of a similar fineness. Bamboo is a silky cellulose fibre, to give the final yarn extra strength, drape and shine. The resulting blend is smooth and shiny - it almost glitters - and unbelievably soft to boot. If that wasn't enough, Polwarth is so bouncy and Corriedale is so evenly crimped, the final yarn will puff up and bloom significantly after washing - meaning you can spin finer singles and maximise your end yardage.

This listing is for 100g.

This colourway is: repeatable :) 


This roving has been hand-dyed using professional acid dyes.

I would recommend that you gently wash your handspun yarn and the items you've crafted from it by hand, with a special wool soak, hand wash detergent, or gentle baby shampoo to avoid felting. However, if felting floats your boat, really give it some welly!