COMBO PACK #1 | handdyed white merino

COMBO PACK #1 | handdyed white merino

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Combo Packs are perfect for a fades, combo spins, and colourwork. The possibilities are endless!

Combo Pack #1 contains 20g each of the following colourways: Bird of Paradise, Oil Paint, Lazy Sunday, Hydra, Cosmic Satsuma.

Fibre composition:
100% white merino

23 microns, fine
One of the better known sheep breeds, Merino wool can range from ultrafine (at 11.5 microns) to “strong” (25-26 microns), with the coarser end of the range still coming up softer and finer than many other wools out there. The wool is beautifully dense, evenly crimped, and takes on colour well. Perhaps a little slippery for beginners, but a really great wool for spinning and felting.

This listing is for 100g total - 5 colourways x ~20g each

These colourways are: repeatable :)


This roving has been hand-dyed using professional acid dyes.

I would recommend that you gently wash your handspun yarn and the items you've crafted from it by hand, with a special wool soak, hand wash detergent, or gentle baby shampoo to avoid felting. However, if felting floats your boat, really give it some welly!